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Juscafresa Agroexpert

Juscafresa Agroexpert, S.A.P.I. de C.V.

We are part of the history of agriculture and livestock. From our origins to the present, we have grown and lived closely with the agricultural and livestock sector, to import the best equipment with unique features, achieving the highest reliability and maximum efficiency at daily work in the field.

The effort to constantly improvement in our products, is a challenge that confirms and strengthens the overcoming purpose for a well done job and it is born from the attitude for the service to the farmer and the rancher, with the satisfaction that the results are the reason and the basis to keep us leaders in the sector. 


There is no word that can define us, only our constant and continuous conquest for perfection.

Recognized and consolidated company committed to the constant search of perfection, exploration, innovation and development; concepts that describe the day by day in its activity and identify it as an entrepreneurial and effective brand that guarantee all the requirements and expectations of our customers.


Juscafresa Agroexpert, S.A.P.I. de C.V. has an excellent human team with specific qualities for each department at client's disposal. To contact us, choose the department that you want to contact and communicate with the right person.


Mexico director

Manuel Félix Ramos


Spain director

Joaquim Juscafresa Estarriola



Ma. Teresa Felix Ramos



Manuel H. Félix Guerra


Logistics and Import

Valeria Velazquez Leyva


Sales and Support

José Luis Bernal Sánchez


Sales and Service

Francisco Santin Rojas


Sales and Spare Parts

Luis Enrique Martínez Hernández

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